Visually intriguing, Witty inspires the wildest fantasies.
Covered entirely in liquid silicone, comfort is its major asset: its velvet feel and 360° flexibility are an invitation to excite the senses.

Designed as a “Switch” toy, Witty is suitable for everyone and all body types. It leaves nothing to chance, its curved, plump shape makes it a perfect companion for newbies.
It simulates both the P-spot and the G-spot, anal or vaginal, it’s up to you to lead the dance. The ball at the end allows a double stimulation by energetically stimulating the clitoral zone.

The remote control allows real comfort and a real symbiosis during solo use or a shared moment.

Awaken your senses and arouse your curiosity by taking it in the shower with you, it is waterproof!

Thumbs up for love!

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