First time anal explorer here. The first few times are a bit uncomfortable – pleasurable, but a tad uncomfortable – don’t let that discourage you. On your third or fourth time, you will be hooked! The vibrations kind of tickle your balls, but nothing else. Maybe I’m not doing something quite right. The vibration isn’t bad, but it isn’t great, either. I use a condom and lube every time, so clean up isn’t so horrendous. Seriously, if you are even thinking of prostate stimulation, don’t look for anything else. Get this now! You will be literally dreaming about the next time you use it. I now want to be fucked by a gorgeous woman with a strap-on! Every night!!! A little surprising to me was the fact that, after insertion, I got a soft-off (and a load of pre-cum). It takes some work to bring my hard-on back, but whenever I cum, it is freakin’ awesome!

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