BIG but perfectly delightful

Yes, at first Kong looks so huge, but it’s not too much to handle. If you are tight like me you need to get fully warmed up, get nice and lubricated before breaking this out. You can use lube to speed things up or addition too but I choose not to use lube. It stretches me to the max and is so amazing, never painful. The suction cup works great on my bed, either attaching it to the head/foot board or just sitting on it and grinding away. Due to its size there is no threat of it falling out if you just sit on it. This frees me up to focus on my partner and get what I need at the same time. Obviously it’s totally bath and shower friendly which is great. I have a tile shower wall and a jacuzzi tub so endless fun with the strong suction cup. I highly recommend this one, I would buy it again.

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