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Stop buying so much from Amazon. Support your local businesses instead

WHY Should You Not Buy Sex Toys On Amazon 


The Rise Of Counterfeit Sex Toys And Other Phony Products Sold On Amazon Have Been Swift—And Have Largely Gone Unnoticed By Many Shoppers. The Problem Is Extensive. Most People Don’t Realize This, An Awful Lot Of Them Are Peddling Fakes.
A Major Wall Street Journal Investigation Recently Revealed That Amazon Has Listed “Thousands Of Banned, Unsafe, Or Mislabeled Products,” From Dangerous Children’s Products To Electronics To Sex Toys With Fake Certifications
A New Report Has Found That Five Major Online Retailers — Including Amazon, Walmart, And Ebay — Sold Fake Products That Can Be Harmful To Your Health.
Of The 47 Products Investigators Bought, Which Ranged From Nike Air Jordan Shoes To Urban Decay Makeup, 20 Were Counterfeit.
Not Only Are Consumers Being Duped, They’re Being Exposed To Potentially Dangerous Materials, mostly in Sex Toy Sales. 
Sometimes, The Telltale Sign Of A Fake A Product Is A Fake Review and PRICE Sold. Just Because An Item Has Five-star Ratings Doesn’t Mean It’s Authentic. On The Contrary, A High Number Of Positive Reviews Can Be A Red Flag.
Don’t Be Fooled By A “Verified Purchased” Tag On Amazon — While It Helps Establish Credibility, Sellers Cheat The System By Hiring Businesses To Create Dummy Accounts, Purchase Products, And Write A Stellar Review.
Amazon Has A Counterfeit Problem
The Company Is Facing Multiple Lawsuits From Brands Who Say It Does Not Do Enough To Prevent Fakes From Being Listed On Its Website.




The Counterfeit Problem Clearly Isn’t Going To Fade Away. In Fact, It Appears To Be Worsening, Which Could Eventually Cost Amazon Some Big Bucks.
Amazon Spent More Than $400 Million In 2018 To Combat Fakes


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