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PDX Extreme Fuck My Face Mega Masturbator Blonde from Pipedream Products. Take this blow job beauty out of the box, lube up your dick, and Fuck Her Face until you explode! Pull her hair, smack her face and shove your hard on halfway down her trachea! This cum crazed cutie can not wait to swallow every last drop of dick drool. Bend her head back, stick your cock in her mouth, and get ready for the most realistic face fuck you have ever experienced! Every life like detail is captured in this replica Fanta Flesh honey, from her blink able eyes rolling back into her head, to her extra long windpipe wrapping around every inch of your pleasure rod! She is all yours to enjoy and there are no rules! Best of all, she never says no to a good time because she always has her mouth full! The powerful suction cup base holds her head in place and sticks to nearly any flat surface: floors, tiles, table tops and even glass! With each movement, the life like head bobs back and forth in such a realistic motion, you wil swear it is the real thing, only better! Watch her eyes roll back into her head, then gag her with a taste of your man meat! If your girl never gave you a deep throat oral experience before, now is your chance to enjoy the thrill! The soft Fanta Flesh skin clings to your cock and warms to your body temperature. Add a little lube and her mouth transforms into a wet paradise for your cock. She will not gag or choke, and there is no annoying teeth to get in the way or bite. When you are about to cum, do not worry about pulling out, blow a fat load right in her mouth and let her swallow! Put your favorite shade of lipstick on her sexy lips, then watch it smear all over your dick as you fuck her mouth. You can even curl or straighten her hair and give her your favorite hair style! Stick her on the tile in the shower and turn clean up time into full fledged, face fucking time! You will find yourself taking extra long showers! Features and functions: Stretchy, Realistic Fanta Flesh, Phthalates Free, Suction Cup, Waterproof, Single Entry. Material: Thermoplastic Rubber TPR. PDX Extreme Fuck My Face Blonde from PDX Brand. Size length 7.25 inches. Width 7 inches. Height 10.5 inches. Outer diameter 21 inches. Bulk weight 5 pounds. Package depth 8 inches. Width 10 inches. Height 15 inches. Packaged weight 7.25 pounds. Package type Box.

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