Best for Light Play

I recently bought this for some light BDSM play with my boyfriend. I thought it would be a nice break from the hardcore BDSM and I wouldn’t have those embarassing rope burns on my wrists (ha!). The first time we used it, it was definitely more comfortable than a rope, with the cushioned cuffs and neck rest, and much more versatile. However, not too long after we started “playing,” I ripped both cuffs right off the neck rest. Now, I’m not the weakest thing in the world but I definitely wasn’t attempting to escape so these had to be sewn on pretty poorly. I would advise to, maybe, not struggle so much but what’s the fun in that?! I reinforced the original stitch with a simple needle and thread and have had no problems and a lot of fun since. So, bottom line, if you’re willing to spend five to ten extra minutes, this is definitely worth the money.

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