Quite a surprise as far as valentine’s day gifts go, when my boyfriend handed me this new toy, I was excited but wary. I had the assumption it’d be too loud, and thus too noticeable for even the biggest exhibitionist, or not strong enough to really work well.

I was pleasantly surprised when we tried it out, as even in a car ride it proved almost completely silent on the highest setting! The results, thanks to the design of the product and how it fits snuggly in the panties it came with, were astounding.

Let’s just say, that was quite the fun night out, and no one at the party would have suspected why I was really smiling and dancing as much as I was!

The music mode, where it vibrates to the music tempo around you, seems to work very well. It’s a unique idea, and adds even more spice.

The range on the remote seems very good as well, as from anywhere in the house my boyfriend seemed to have no trouble getting the signal to the vibe.

It looks very nice as well, very sleek, sexy design. Really does make you think of an apple product!

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