Bedroom Bliss Signature Collection Lover’s Door Swing from XR Brands. Elevate your pleasure with this Lover’s Door Swing! This sex sling hangs over a closed door from nylon straps and stays in place via the ABS Plastic cylinders that protect the door from scuffing and scratches. The strong, durable Nylon is padded with Polyester cushions that support the thighs and bottom. Two handles hang from the door frame as well so you can pull up to adjust your position and feel more secure. The sex swing can support up to 300 pounds! Seat pads, leg pads and hand rips are all adjustable. The straps are easy to hook over a door or clip to Sex Swing Stand. Spot clean as needed or machine wash the straps and pads. All materials are phthalate free and Nickel free. With the Swing in place over the door, your partner helps lift you into place. You tug at the straps to adjust them for the perfect angle, your hips lifted and legs spread wide. They start by making their way from your lips to between your thighs and kneel on a pillow as they lick you. Once you are dripping wet, they come up for air and kiss you deeply again. They pull your hips towards them and carefully slide themselves inside. You gasp in pleasure! The angle is perfect and hits that hard to reach spot! They rock their hips, thrusting back and forth, until you are screaming so loud the neighbors hear! Finally your whole body convulses and a waterfall gushes out of you. Your partner laughs, grabs a towel, and comes back for more! Measurements: Door mount straps 13 inches length. Leg pads 3 inches by 17.5 inches. Seat pad 5 inches by 26.5 inches. Weight Capacity holds up to 300 pounds. Materials: Polyester, Nylon, ABS Plastic, Metal, Silicone. Color Black. Note: test the sturdiness of the door and door frame before engaging in activity. Key features: easy to set up. Easily hook it over a door frame or clip it into a sex swing stand. Adjustable straps. The seat pads, thighs pads and hand grips are all adjustable for a custom, comfortable position. Strong and durable. This durable Nylon can handle up to 300 pounds of weight so you can feel safe and secure while suspended. Padded for comfort. The straps are padded around the seat area and thighs so you can relax and enjoy the ride without Nylon biting into your skin!

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