(WD) (BULK)MASTER SERIES ASS A FLARED SECURITY ANAL PLUGMaster Series Ass Anchor Flared Anal Plug Black Butt Plug. Reward them with a darkly sexy anal delight. The Ass Anchor Plug has a unique, flexible, flared shape for an intense feel and delicious pressure. Designed for ultimate anal stimulation, this anchor shaped plug will press against the walls of your ass, stimulating you and ensuring a tight fit. The plug is designed to stay in place during even the most rigorous of play. The soft material is flexible but rigid enough for intense sensations. When the flared ends are pinched together, they form a tapered plug that can easily be inserted. Once inside, the two halves will expand, filling you. Measurements: 3.75 inches in total length, 3 inches insertable, 1.9 inch minimum diameter, 3.95 maximum diameter. Material: Thermoplastic Rubber TPR. Color Black. Please note comes without retail package. Packaging for butt plug is a vacuum sealed.

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