TROJAN MAGNUM RAW 10 PACKTrojan Condoms Magnum Raw Large Size Condoms 10 Pack from Paradise Products. The Gold Standard of Condoms – the Thinnest Magnum condom from Trojan for heightened sensitivity and comfort. Trojan Magnum condoms are larger than the standard condom with a wider, contoured shape and a special reservoir end for extra safety and a tapered base for secure placementSilky smooth lubricant for comfort and sensitivity. Accept no substitutes. One 10 count box of Trojan Magnum Raw Large Size Condoms. The thinnest Magnum Condoms are designed for heightened sensitivity and comfort. 40% thinner and 18% wider than regular Magnum. Lubricated. As close to Raw Condoms as you can get! With Latex for an exceptional experience. Made using Latex. Prevents the risk of pregnancy and STIs. Electronically tested to ensure reliability of each condom. Store at room temperature 59 degrees Fahrenheit F to 86 degrees Fahrenheit F.

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