SCJTS-C110 Jackits Throttle Stroker Clear

Ultra-Soft, Super-Stretchy Stroker

The Jackits Throttle StrokerTM by Screaming O is an ultra-soft, super-stretchy stroker that takes your masturbation sessions to the next level. Made of washable, body-safe SEBS, the Throttle Stroker is easy to use and easy to clean. Apply lubricant to the inner ring and penis. Then, simply slide inside and stroke. The Throttle Stroker provides the sensation while you control the pressure, working together for one mind-blowing stroke session. The Throttle Stroker can also be worn with a partner to control penetration and prevent bottoming out. No matter how you choose to use it, the Throttle Stroker makes your every stroke a masterstroke.

  • Ultra-soft and super stretchy
  • Compatible with any lubricant
  • Made of body-safe SEBS material
  • Use alone or to prevent bottoming out during intercourse
  • Easy to clean

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