PASTEASE FULLER COVERAGE REFILLS 3 PAIRSPastease Fuller Coverage Refills 3 Pairs or 6 individual replacement backs. Introducing Pastease Coverage Refills: Extend the Magic of Your Pastease with Ease! Coverage Refill Adhesives by Pastease for re-using any Pastease Coverage styles or most other Pastease styles. Get three (3) more uses out of your Pastease pairs and cut pieces of adhesive to hold your low tops and loose garments in place. Simply stick your previously worn Pastease to the hypoallergenic adhesive, cut around the edges, peel away the liner and wear again! Unveil a new era of convenience and cost effectiveness with our Pastease Coverage Refills. Designed by Pastease, these refill adhesives are the ultimate solution for re-using your favorite Pastease Coverage styles or most other Pastease designs, allowing you to enjoy them again and again. Directions for use: peel off backing from one side of refill square. Stick your used Pastease Coverage onto the refill. Carefully cut away excess adhesive to match the contours of the shape. Make sure nipples and breasts are dry and free of lotions and oils. Peel off backing and apply included nipple pads or single ply tissue no larger than 1.5 inches to the center for piercings or sensitive nipples. Apply once and smooth down edges. Re-celebrate with confidence! Gently remove. Use lotion as needed. Unleash the Reusability. Say goodbye to one time use and hello to extended wear! With Pastease Coverage Refills, you can relive the magic of your Pastease pairs for up to three (3) more uses, saving you both time and money. Versatile Adhesive Power. These refills are not just limited to Pastease. They are your secret weapon for holding low tops and loose garments in place with confidence and comfort. Simple Reapplication. Applying your Pastease Coverage Refills is a breeze. Just adhere your previously worn Pastease to the hypoallergenic adhesive, trim around the edges, peel away the liner, and you’re ready to rock your look once more! Hypoallergenic Comfort. Crafted with your well being in mind, the hypoallergenic adhesive ensures a comfortable and irritation free experience, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Sustainable Style. Embrace sustainability without compromising on style. By reusing your Pastease pairs and reducing waste, you are making an eco-conscious choice that keeps you looking fabulous. Extend Your Wardrobe. From plunging necklines to flowing fabrics, these refills add a touch of security to your favorite outfits, ensuring your style is on point no matter the occasion. Dimensions: 5.5 inches by 5.6 inches. With Pastease Coverage Refills, your favorite Pastease designs have infinite possibilities. Rediscover the joy of wearing your beloved pairs and explore the versatility of these refills for a seamless, confident, and sustainable fashion journey. Get your refills today and extend the allure of your Pastease creations!

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