LURE FOR HIM PHEROMONE ATTRACTANT COLOGNE 1OZLure for Him Pheromone Attractant Cologne 1 ounce Bottle. A fragrance scientifically formulated with the irresistible pheromone attractant Alpha-Androstenol. Worn by him to attract her. Line: TLC Adult Toys. Sub line: Lure. Category: Cosmetics. Sub category: Colognes. Feature: Pheromone-Based Cologne. Lure pheromone infused fragrances and personal care products attract amorous attention. Based on the chemistry of the attractant alpha-androstenol, Lure awakens primal subconscious desires. Attraction is a chemical reaction. Lure for Him Pheromone Attractant Cologne from Topco Sales. Made in USA. Class HAZMAT. Hazardous Materials.

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