JUSTIN + SIMON MINI CHEEK RED LARGEJustin + Simon Mini Cheek Shorts Red Large from Male Basics Underwear line. Romance is more than what we think of, it starts from what we see up to what we cant see. The outfit that you put on while you approach your partner will play a huge role in helping you make the romantic session a pure moment of bliss. We know that it is the wish of each one of us to make our other half feel special and we have made this erotic underwear specifically for that. We have designed them to help you make an irresistible sexual appeal to your partner. The low cut elastic waistline will ensure that the erotic wear is comfortable to wear and allows you to make a show for your partner with ease. If you are looking to get your partner hooked to your passionate charms, then this what you need to start with. Thanks to its high quality fabric, the erotic wear will feel comfortable when put on and will keep you aerated all the while wearing it. The fabric also remains in good condition when you wash it by hand or by machine. Men sizes large 36 inches to 38 inches waist. Additional information: perfect for a romantic and daring night. The back has good coverage. Justin + Simon male underwear offers 4 sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large Male Basics SKU number XSJ22-Justin + Simon Cheek Shorts materials Nylon 78%, Spandex 22%.

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