CROP WITH FEATHER TICKLEROuch! Black and White Bondage line Black Crop with Feather Tickler from Shots Toys. One slap of this Feathered Crop and your lover will know who is in charge! Tease them with the feathers, or please them with a smack of the crop. It hurts so good! Dimensions package 17.91 inches by 3.54 inches by 0.98 inch. Weight package 1.23 ounces. Product dimensions 17.32 inches by 2.48 inches by 0.51 inch. Product weight 1.20 ounces. Materials: Feather, Bonded Leather. Categories: Bondage, Fetish, Kink, Sex Toys for Couples, Whips, Paddles and Ticklers. Shots – America. Best Fetish Brand of the year. 2022.

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