Category: The G-spots and How To Find It

Sep 26

The G-spots and How To Find It


Many women reach adulthood without ever discovering the orgasmic potential of the G-spot—yet it’s a highly erogenous area that can give you very special orgasms.
To locate your G-spot, insert a finger just inside your vaginal opening, hooking your fingertip slightly as if to make a “come here” gesture. Just past the edge of the pubic bone, feel for a small spongy area under the surface of the upper part of your vaginal wall.
If you don’t find it immediately—don’t worry—it’s there. You’ll probably have to try different types of stimulation to turn it on. In fact, many women who know where to find their G-spot still need the help of a toy or their partner to get maximum pleasure from it. So relax, take a deep breath, and start exploring

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