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Sep 26

So What Are Dildos | Are You Ready For One?


Dildos: non-vibrating toys, made in many different shapes and sizes, used for vaginal and anal penetration as well as clitoral stroking.
How long have dildos been around? 100 years? 200 years? A millennium? Think again, because they’ve been in use as long as women have had a sex drive. You’ll see dildos depicted in ancient art, and history shows they were created and adored by women in many cultures, from Greece to China, India and beyond.

A dildo (or dong) describes any toy designed to be inserted vaginally or anally. Dildos don’t vibrate, so if it takes a battery, it’s not a dildo (although some vibrators look phallic and are designed for insertion). Today, they come in a variety of lengths, shapes, diameters and colors—a far cry from the one large Caucasian replica that dominated dildo sales for years. Heck, you can even get a dildo today that glows in the dark!

For solo ecstasy, dildos are fun, simple and safe—offering you the greatest amount of control, for you and only you determine the degree and angle of penetration, thrusting speed and all other creative uses. And with the added pressure and sexual fullness they provide, they’re the best for earth-shaking vaginal orgasms. As you’ll see later in this book, you can also use one in tandem with a vibrator, creating nearly unlimited possibilities for orgasms.
Dildos open up many exciting options for partner sex, too. And since penetration isn’t a dildos only purpose, you can enjoy intense pleasure when your lover positions it for friction across your clitoris, down between the labia and just inside the vaginal opening. With an added dab of lube, you’ll quickly be in toy orgasm heaven!

With so many choices today, you’ll find all the advice you need in this chapter to narrow them down to your favorites. You can then leaf through a catalog or visit an online sex shop—or take a field trip to a local sex boutique. Some shops display samples outside their packages, perfect for an up-close touch-test—so you can choose the toy that’s got the texture, heft and flexibility (or stiffness) to fan your flames.


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