Category: How To Bring It Up Sex Toys In A Relationship

Sep 28

How To Bring It Up Sex Toys In A Relationship


Introducing the subject comes naturally to some, while it’s awkward for others. Yet, the rewards of acceptance far outweigh any risk you’ll take. Here are some suggestions to overcome your fears that have worked for others, and will make those first steps easier on you.

Women: slow and go
When a guy’s hot and turned on, he’ll go for almost anything, right? Can you think of a better time to bring up that cool little vibrator you discovered?
Start by whispering there’s something you found that you REALLY like—then bring out a small, non-phallic vibrator (even if it’s not your first choice). Virtually every guy loves watching a woman use a toy on herself, so why not start there? After a little while, you can try it on him—up and down his penis and all around his scrotum. You won’t hear any complaints.
Now that you’ve broken the ice, you can break out even more toys. If you enjoy penetration, start with something smaller than his penis—no guy wants to see a toy that’s bigger than him (at first). Give him a sense of control, engage in sexy talk about what you’d like—and find out what would turn him on. Chances are, he’ll act like a kid in a candy store.