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Sep 26

Getting Ready For Pleasure


Whether you’re planning for a solitary experience—or one shared with a partner—a few simple steps can help you get comfortable to free your mind and body.

Set the stage. Disconnect your phone, cellular or pager. Accent your surroundings to create just the right ambiance. And be sure to gather any visual and sexual aids on your romantic menu within arm’s reach.

Sound. Select the music to match your mood: slow and romantic for sexy and sensual; upbeat for pump-it-up action. Flip in a long-playing CD so you won’t be interrupted by mood-busting commercials on the radio.

Candles and lighting. Nothing beats a soft glow for romantic ambiance. Light the candles—and dim the lights.

Temperature. Warmer air may ignite your passions, but cooler air might increase your sensitivity. Choose accordingly.

Aroma. Scented candles, perfumes, flowers or incense can provide intimate, subtle aromas to heighten the senses. Just don’t overdo it.

Location location location. Don’t limit yourself to the bed or couch—playing in the bathtub or shower adds spice!

Entertainment. Videos, magazines, erotic literature or Internet sites can all accompany toy play with great visuals for titillation or fantasy.

Privacy. For heaven’s sake, put the kids to bed… and make sure they’re asleep! Don’t let an innocent request for ‘a glass of water’ mess up your well-deserved orgasm.

Talk it up. Don’t be shy to whisper sweet dirty nothings to your partner!

Sep 24

I must not be good enough for her?


Toys are no replacement for you. They don’t kiss, whisper sweet nothings, exude pheromones or even take out the garbage. There’s no emotional connection. They complement sex, and your lover will usually compliment you. Think of toys as a sexual enhancement designed to bring pleasure to both of you. After all, the more ways you can give your lover orgasms, the more passionate your lover will be with you, and the more you’ll be turned on.


    I Rub My Duckie Pink Travel Size. Big Teaze introduces a smaller sized travel companion. Half the size not half the fun and varied power plus all the delights of the Original vibrating rubber Duckie! With its innocent eyes and traditional rubber duckie body, I Rub My Duckie is the most discreet massager / vibrator available. A strong, but quiet motor feeds the incredible vibrations in its head and tail. Just press down on its back to operate and then relax as powerful waves of vibration sooth away the stresses and tensions of daily life. Each sold separately. The duck vibrator has the following dimensions: 3 inches long 2 wide and 3 inches around. Battery operated vibrating sex toy requires 1 AA battery, not included. Alkaline batteries are the suggested power supply. Important note these discreet vibrators contain no Latex, Natural Rubbers, Phthalates, Toxic Heavy Metals, Cadmium and Lead. Sex Toy complies with International Safety & Environmental Compliance: CE, ROHS, WEEE and ASTM. I Rub My Duckie and Toys That Play With You! are a registered trademark for Big Teaze